Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Infinite conversation

So how big is infinite?
Pretty big.
OK. What if I walked over here?
Further than that.
Hmm. I think I will walk to the park, that seems like a long way.
I am pretty sure that park is not an infinite distance away.
I should measure it with a ball of string, that way I will know when I can measure infinity again if I want.
(gets string)
You will need a lot of string. You should start saving up.
OK, I am at the park. Hey, I can still see home from here. Are we at infinity yet?
Not really.
What if I walk to grandma’s house? That is a long, long way. Mum said.
I think you should ask your Mum to drive you there. You don’t want to get lost.
(car ride, runs out of string)
Wow, I am glad I got Mum to drive me. I ran out of string. That means that Grandma’s house is infinitely far from mine, right?
Sorry, it just means you ran out of string.
I am getting tired of this. How much further is infinity away?
Funny thing is that it is still infinitely further away.
I don’t like this game, any more. I think you are changing the rules. How can infinity minus the distance I have already travelled still be infinity?
I am not sure if it is the same infinity though. The thing about infinity is that it can have a start but it has no end.
So, “Infinity” is not really a number. It is more of an idea?
Now you are getting it!

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