Monday, 3 July 2017

I am not

I am not a lot
I am told this every day.
I am OK to marginalise
OK to ignore
OK not to employ

I am not given advantages
I am not targeted for help
I am not provided safe spaces or lists of safe people to talk to
No support for being different
No needs considered special enough

No-one is watching out for me
No-one is protecting my rights
No-one is there to jump on the haters
That hate my gender, race, age or sexuality
That hate my mind, my heart, my soul.

You see,
I am the straw man
Stuffed full of decades of injustices
I am the blamed demographic
That caused all the trouble & hate

So to solve the hate
We are told
It is OK
To turn the hate on me
Even when the sins were never mine

So do not employ me
Do not listen to me
Do not give me equality
Equal rights
Equal dignity

Tell me I am over-entitled
Tell me I am strong
Tell me to stop whining
Stop needing
Stop talking

Cast me from consideration
Cast me from your groups
Cast me from your mind
I deserve it
It is right

Because I am not.

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